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MINUTEMAN 1773 All position mild steel for vertical down, clean All position mild steel for vertical down, clean spatter-free welds can be made under the most adverse consitions (rust, dirt & scale on all types of low-carbon steels.  Excellent on sheet metal.
MIN1773/094/12 138
MIN1773/125/14 100
MIN1773/156/14 90
MINUTEMAN 1775 CR - C hardfacing electrode for parts that are subject to high impact, abrasion and compression.  Routinely used on bulldozer blades, drag buckets, shovel buckets and drilling bits.
MIN1775/125/14 20
MIN1775/156/14 80
MIN1775/187/14 210
MINUTEMAN 1776 Multi-purpose, top-strength ferritic - oustenitic welding electrode.  It can be used safely on alloy & high alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels & dissimilar steels.  The high alloy content makes the deposit heat & corrosion resistant combined with top physical values.
MIN1776/094/12 7
MIN1776/125/14 110
MIN1776/16/14 210
MINUTEMAN 1777 Advanced low alloy, high tensile all position electrode.  Excellent for welding quenched & tempered steels as required under ASTM A5.17 specification.  Weld Specification conforms to AWS 5.5.
MIN1777/125/14 395
MIN1777/156/14 210
MINUTEMAN 1781 Low hydrogen electrode has easy weldability and high mechanical properties. It is recommended for all welds in awkward positions, including vertical-down use for medium carbons steels, boiler works and standard steel. Excellent for plug welding, slag automatiacally rises with no entrapment.
MIN1781/094/12 75
MIN1781/125/14 130
MIN1781/156/14 90
MINUTEMAN 1783 Manganese alloyed electrode specially designed for overlays.  This is a true 14% manganese electrode.  Deposit is extermely resistant to impact, and work hardens.  Applications:  crusher hammers, railways frogs, switch points, or any hardfacing requuirement whtich is subject to extreme impact.  The electrode is versatile enough to be used for joining.
MIN1783/125/14 50
MIN1783/156/14 130
MINUTEMAN 1787 A versatile aluminum bronze electrode for joining & surfacing of copper, copper alloys, such as beryllium copper, steel & cast iron.  The deposit is corrosion & sea water resistant with a low co-efficient of friction.  Overlay work on guides, valves, screws, shafts, bearing, surfaces and machinery parts - dissimilar metal.
MIN1787/125/14 49
MINUTEMAN 1790 Absolutely the most versatile electrode.  Substrates that were considered unweldable can now be repaired.  Can be used on high silicon castings, high carbon ash handling piping.
MIN1790/094/12 68
MIN1790/125/14 50
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